Nico Cathcart is a Canadian-born muralist, artist, signpainter, and curator whose work revolves around themes of intersectional feminism and environmentalism. As someone in the process of going deaf, she uses birds in her art to address her disability. She is an outspoken advocate for equal representation in a male-dominated industry. Cathcart aims to inspire girls to be unafraid of barriers. Her large-scale public murals—which appear around Richmond and in other cities—address social issues and inspire activism. She was recently honored as one of Virgnia's "Agents of Change" by the Virginia Museum of History and Culture. A veteran of the RVA Street Art Festivals, you can now find her work in many cities across the us including Richmond, Ithaca NY, Rochester NY, Pittsburgh PA, and Columbus OH. Currently represented by BOJUArt out of Virginia Beach, her work has been shown in many galleries and museums throughout the continent, including the MASS MOCA, Gallery 5, Glave Kocen, 1975 gallery in Rochester NY, La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, District Local Gallery in Vancouver. Nico co-curated the exhibition "Fresh Paint: Murals inspired by the story of Virginia" at the VMHC highlighting the importance of public art in today's world, and is curating the RVA Together initiative, which gathers artists to design a t-shirt to benefit local food pantry Feedmore. Her next installation will be featured in the upcoming exhibit "Unknown Outcome" at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk.